Beauty Tea


Many things will affect the changes to your face over time but according to the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine, fundamentally women will age in 7-year-cycles and men in 8-year-cycles. This pattern is well documented and repeatedly referred to as the Cycles of Life within Ancient Texts.

The philosophy behind the Beauté Chinoise’s treatments is to strive to achieve and maintain balance within these cycles. The Ageing Process is viewed differently in Western and Eastern philosophies. In the West we strive to achieve balance within the cell (Stochastic, free-radical theory - that of oxidative stress and free radicals).

Within the teachings of Eastern philosophy, health and ageing are measured by the degree of balance between Yin and Yang, therefore balance in the body. By restoring balance within the body, a healthier appearance is reflected in the face. By restoring balance in the face, blood circulation is increased and muscle tone and elasticity improved. The result is a fresh and radiant glow, with deep wrinkles softened and finer lines smoothed.

The Chinese believe that energy passes through pathways in the body called Meridians. The Beauté Chinoise’s Rituals follow these maps of unseen currents of energy and combine acupuncture and/or acupressure (facial massage) with luxurious facial oils and beautiful therapeutic teas to stimulate the body to heal itself and the face to freshen.

Each treatment is a tailor-made experience: no two people are the same and therefore no two treatments should be the same.

You should expect to be involved in the journey. To ensure you experience your desired results, Beauté Chinoise may suggest new or different ways to approach your skin-care regime, and highlight lifestyle or dietary changes which could help you achieve your goals.

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