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Clients are most likely to have a particular need for a treatment when there are changes in the seasons, or at similar times when there is a need to rebalance, for example after a trip, particularly one entailing the crossing of time zones.

In the Chinese Calendar there are five Seasons and within the traditions of Chinese Medicine, a healthy lifestyle is one which follows these seasonal cycles of nature whereby each season deals with rejuvenation in a specific way.

Accordingly: • Spring is the perfect time to cleanse and detox • Summer brings the need to cool and moisten • Late Summer calls for balance and nourishment • In the Autumn we need to boost immunity • And in the Winter we need to warm and comfort

The ‘additional’ fifth season is Late-Summer, i.e. around September, which is the perfect month to re-balance the body after the warmth of Summer, in preparation for the cold of Winter.

Since our Qi (the Chinese word for ‘vital energy’) changes with the seasons, regular clients have the benefit of balance through these seasons because Maggie adapts her treatments when appropriate to provide Seasonal Boosts.
Please note: Seasonal treatments can be booked individually

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