Beauty Tea

About Us

In the Ancient Chinese Dynasties the Empresses employed many methods to retain their beauty and it was The Empress of the Song Dynasty who took these methods to new levels. Beauté Chinoise has unravelled her secrets and now applies them, through a combination of facial acupuncture treatments and a magnificent collection of teas and oils, to achieve beautiful skin and a healthy and fresh appearance.

The Beauté Chinoise Treatment Rituals were created by Maggie Brown, a registered Acupuncturist, who specialises in the practice of Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture and Acupressure. These bespoke clinic treatments were designed to be supplemented with prescriptive facial oils, therapeutic body oils and medicinal teas.

The products proved so popular with her patients that Maggie turned to the leading skin-care expert she had used to formulate the clinical range, to create a small collection of luxurious oils for everyday use.

The result is The Yin Collection and The Yang Collection, two beautiful but limited collections of facial oils, body oils and fragrant therapeutic teas. Each of the sumptuous oils and therapeutic teas have been crafted to carefully balance the skin according to the principles of Chinese Medicine.

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